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Skills in conflict resolution…

Skills in conflict resolution.. Not entirely sure I can use this on my CV however I love the meaning behind it. I read this article and although it’s funny, there are some serious points to it. My favourite is the skills in conflict resolution! That’s my world constantly at the moment with Mr3 and Mr4!! Woah! However the author has got it right. As working mums we do have new set of skills and attributes that enable us to be the great workers that we are. It is hard to find that balance and we hope that we have an employer who recognises those skills we have… At least I hope I do! Some of us are out of the workforce for a long time, some only a short time however we don’t forget how to do our job. We may need reminding about new things that have changed but it will be all ok.  I need to remind myself of that..;)

On another note I made my own yoghurt today! It was quite awesome! 🙂

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When the kids are ill…

This week has been LONG!! Sick baby= very tired mumma! Which leads me to think.. What happens when I return to work and the kids are sick? I’ve been through it before but it doesn’t make it any easier. It’s the same old problem, wanting to be in two places at once. Of course our children come first but we still always feel guilty about not being at work, particularly if we only work part time. Taking a day or two off potentially means our whole working week. We just have to hope that management wherever we are working are accepting of the ‘working mum’ and understand that our children come first. We working working mums have lots of skills to contribute to the workplace and we want to do our best. Hmmm need to listen to my own advice right?! Be there for my children when they need me.. Work hard when I’m there.. Sounds obvious!! So why the guilt?!