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Ten Meals to cook when you only have ten minutes


After a long day at work you collect the starving monsters that used to resemble your children and the last thing you feel like doing is slaving over the stove. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while and have compiled a list of Ten meals to make when you have ten minutes. These can be made ahead and then reheated, pre-prepared and cooked when required or cooked and on the table in ten!

  1. Good old Bolognaise.

Bolognaise can sit on the stove simmering away until required or cook the pasta of choice at the same time as your sauce and serve it up in under ten minutes. Grate some veggies into the sauce if you want to boost the veg intakes!

     2. Burritos/Tacos

Cook up the meat of choice, while that’s cooking, chop your tomatoes, lettuce and grate your cheese. It can all be saved in the fridge until you need it. Whether you like the crunchy taco shells or soft tortilla wraps its a quick super healthy meal.


    3. Pies

Whatever your filling of choice, mine is definitely Chicken and Leek, it can be made when you have a spare ten minutes and then when ready for dinner put the filling in a  ramekin and top with puff pastry, bake for 10 minutes in a hot oven and its ready!


4. Jamie Olivers Seared Beef Salad

This is tried and true on in my house (in fact it was tonights meal) and it doesn’t even take the 15 minutes that he claims! Super fast and super delicious.


5. Hamburgers

Home made hamburgers.. is there anything better. My Dad used to make burgers every Sunday night, it was our tradition and the one meal he was willing to cook (and pancakes!) Big chunky beef patties, heres a basic burger recipe if you need one, slices of tomato, lettuce, cheese, and anything else you desire. I put everything on the table and everyone makes their own, the kids enjoy this more and tend to eat more!

6. Chicken Caesar Salad

We are here because we need time saving not because we are gourmet chefs so yes.. I use dressing from a bottle! Boil some eggs, cook the chicken and bacon, chop some Cos lettuce and cook some toast. Mix it all together and bam! Instant dinner.

7.Lamb chops with cous cous and greek salad

One of my favourites! Sprinkle your chops with lemon and oregano before cooking, its delicious. Greek salads are super easy to prepare, chop cucumber, tomatoes, chuck in olives and crumbled feta. Cook the cous cous according to the packet (although I just add boiling water and let it sit while I cook the meat). Mmm Mmm!

8. Watermelon and feta salad with Chicken and Rice.

A fabulously light salad, great for this warm weather. Cook the rice! Chop feta and watermelon into small cubes and mix together ( you can add red onion if you like), Cook the chicken ( I prefer thighs for this as they are not as dry) and squeeze lemon juice over it while its cooking. Once the rice is cooked, stir through chopped olives, feta, baby spinach and some olive oil.

9. Tuna Mornay

A simple go to recipe. I add peas and corn kernals to increase the vegetable intake!

10. Fried Rice

A great way to use up leftovers and get veggies into the meal. I add corn, peas, chopped capsicum, egg and we love pineapple pieces in ours. I use pork pieces in my fried rice but you could add prawns, chicken or beef. Season with soy sauce, garlic, onion, and sweet chili.

Enjoy x







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image Missed, lost, not taken; all words that are used frequently to describe opportunities that we don’t take. Often as a Mum we have to make a choice to intentionally not take that opportunity and just hope that it comes again later down the track. Sometimes though, you just have to make a decision that’s right for you and your family at the time. At least that’s what I’m  telling myself. That Mummy guilt that sits on your shoulder and judges your every thought. It looks at you with the orange eyes and just questions you.. “Really?” It says “you think you can do it all?” Well sometimes it’s probably right. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.. An opportunity I had been looking for before having my third beauty has arisen but I’ve chosen to leave it alone. Returning to work might be a big enough shock to the system without adding to it any further demands. My dear husband and Mum will be stepping up to the plate to help just so I can get to work- hopefully on time! The reality of it all is settling is fast, not to say I’m not looking forward to it, I am in some regards, not in others. The adult conversation and using my brain to think about more than school lunches and dirty nappies! But let’s go slowly and settle in to a routine and get life in balance before taking on another new challenge. It is a bit disappointing isn’t it, when you want something but you know it’s not in the best interest of your family to go for it? You feel guilty for even thinking about it. I’m ok with my decision now but I imagine there’s many Mums out there who aren’t ok with their decisions. And there’s probably many Mums who are super brave and take those chances when they arise. They are likely the leaders of this world, or large companies😉 Gold star to them for going hard and getting what they want.  I’m not yet ready for that. I know that , and that awareness in itself is an achievement!


And when all else fails.. Dinosaur Spaghetti is a well balanced meal!


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Pinwheels and Pullaparts

Well I’m officially a school mum now, lunches everyday, uniforms organised.. I have a new appreciation for school holidays and it’s only week 1! Mornings are chaotic with the three being so young but we’re getting better at it! They are learning their jobs and roles for the morning so it’s getting there.. Slowly!!

I made Pinwheels for an afternoon snack on Friday. They are super easy and delicious, could be made healthier if you’re so inclined! I was quite surprised to learn a friend had never had them!


On a sheet of Puff Pastry spread a layering your favourite sauce.

Sprinkle evenly with cheese and ham.

Roll the pastry into a tight scroll and cut into 2-3 cm pieces.

Bake for 10 mins or until golden and ‘puffy!’ (Yes very technical I know!)

Anything can be used as fillings in pinwheels. Ham and cheese, cheese and vegemite, basil and cheese, tomato and basil, the opportunities are endless!!! Get creative! They freeze well too so they are great for the lunch boxes or after school snacks!


For a quick and easy Sunday lunch I made a pizza Pullapart. Made a quick dough, let it rise, then roll it out to a flat rectangle. I spread it with pizza sauce, ham cheese and pineapple. Twisted it all up and baked for around 20mins. Super yum!!! Again any filling can be used. Pizza, ham and cheese, cheese and vegemite, basil and feta (oh this is delicious!) feta and olive.. Mmmmm.. X