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Well as you all know my News Resoloution was about being brave, taking risks and being confident. Well 6 days in and it’s hard already! It’s hard to stay focused when you haven’t had more than a wink sleep in a few days due to a sick baby and you still have 2 more to run around after! We are doing vac swim this week with Mr nearly 5, and he’s loving it. I had to take mr 3 in the water today as there’s no way he’d sit quietly and watch his brother swim. I mean seriously how do you get boys to sit still? If there’s a magic solution id love to hear it!

Mr 5 is having a sleep over at his Nan’s tonight with his cousin, he was super excited however his younger brother was not down with this plan! There was screaming and thrashing and some strange tiger sounds!we ended taking him out for Sushi tonight.If haven’t done sushi with your children, do it! Super kid friendly. How can you beat food that comes past you on a “train” as soon as you walk in! Thankfully the boys have always loved sushi and the youngest musketeer had his first samples tonight too.

I read today about the high percentage of New Year resolutions t hats fail. I can totally relate, over the years I’ve had some crackers! Lose 15 kg, go overseas, get fit, eat no chocolate, no dessert the list goes on and it’s never really achievable. I just don’t have the willpower for no dessert! I’ve been thinking about this blog and what I hope to achieve this year. I have big dreams for it but will I succeed? I guess all I can do is try, better to have tried and failed than to have not tried and regret it. I’d love it to be a go to for fast recipes, organisational tips and some general daily survival! How to achieve this is the question? I’m reading lots of blogging sites and we now have an Instagram page! Come find me Here!

I’m also a huge lover of Pinterest. So many fabulous ideas in one spot! I have a Pinterest page too! Come follow! Hopefully you’ll find some interesting tips!

I’m about to try the home foot soak with mouthwash and vinegar.. Should be interesting! 🙂


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Being Brave

BE BRAVERecently I blogged about ditching the guilt and standing strong. A friend had given me advice and her words still stand out..’be brave’. It got me to thinking. How does one be brave, what is bravery and why do I have to be brave? So many questions. The Oxford Dictionary defines Bravery as ‘courageous behaviour’. The first thing that comes to my mind is taking risks. As kids we take risks all the time, jumping off the swing, climbing to the top of the frame, reading a new book. As adults taking risks just seems so much more daunting. I am currently reading Lisa Messengers book;  Daring and Disruptive. It depicts how Lisa took chances, put herself out there and was brave. Some of her risks didn’t pan out, but others did, including the successful magazine The Collective. It’s inspiring reading about someone taking risks. If you haven’t read it- do it! What I’m taking from it though is without taking risks, being courageous and being brave, we don’t get the rewards.

My New Years resolution this year is to be brave. I feel it covers so many aspects. To try new things, to put myself out there, have confidence in my decisions and choices and not to worry about what others think. To buy that treadmill and take up running, to continue blogging and not care if no one reads it! It all takes bravery!

New Years resolutions are made and frequently given up on very quickly. I asked a few close friends if they were making resolutions. All were and they all had a common theme. No one said ‘lose weight, get fitter or go on a diet’ (thank goodness) but all had a common theme about life in general. About feeling confident in yourself and making choices that make you happy. Those are fabulous resolutions and likely to be achievable, way more than not eating chocolate (which I would have failed already!).

I took a big leap by starting this blog a couple of months ago and in 2016 I would love to keep this going. To find useful hints and tips for being organised, to try new fast recipes, to organise my pantry! and bravely share it with the world!

Be Brave, take chances, feel confident, be happy. That’s my hopes for 2016. x