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Christmas Joy and a little cooking




Well Christmas is over for another year. It was sure busy here and the weather was hot. The littlest musketeer wasn’t too impressed with the heat and lots of people! The other two however, were all over it! So excited to see that the Reindeer ate the carrots and that Santa drank his milk. The meaning of Christmas sure changes when you have kids.

We took the boys to the Carols and they saw their first fireworks and they loved every minute of it! The joy on their faces was priceless. We have been inundated with Batman accessories of every kind.. and diggers and trucks! I’m feeling pretty exhausted now after 4 days of festivities, but we’ll do it all again for New Years Eve! Hopefully you had an enjoyable time with family and friends also.

Eating is always high on the agenda for Christmas and Boxing Day. I love making desserts I was even called the dessert Queen Boxing Day!

Christmas Eve I made a gorgeous dessert that I think everyone enjoyed. Its a Polish recipe that translates to Birds Milk. It looks so festive and I think it tastes delicious. The recipe was given to me by my Aunty.

Ptasie Mleczko

  1. Make 3 different coloured jellies, but only add one cup of water not 2 like you would to make regular jelly.

2. Once they are set firm cut the jellies into cubes ( about 1-2cm square) and arrange in a silicone dish (or a greased tray)

3. Place 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup caster sugar into a saucepan and bring to the boil to dissolve the sugar.

4. Dissolve 5 teaspoons of gelatine in 1/2 cup hot water, add the gelatin mixture to the sugar water and allow it to cool.

5. Add 500ml of sour cream (lite works too) and mix with beaters (I used Thermie of course to mix it Sp 5 with butterfly in). Beat until it looks foamy.

6. Pour the sour cream mixture over the jellies and mix carefully to disperse the cream throughout the jelly. Refrigerate until set.


A quick tip for a cheats dessert at the last minute… Woolworths ready made pavlova, top with cream, drain a tin of berries and arrange on top of cream.. Perfection!!









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5 steps to a stress free Christmas

A stress free chistmasChristmas is my favourite time of the year. So much joy and love around! However the dark side is the stress it can bring. Trying to impress people with your fabulous home made puddings or be the perfect host with mistletoe hanging in every corner. Just thinking about all that needs to be done can bring on a headache! So here’s what I’m going to follow this year to reduce the last minute frenzy that occurs.

  1. Lists, lists and more lists.

I love writing lists. I currently have about 4 on the go. I regularly just write a list of things I need to get done on any given day, as simple as hang the washing out! But it sure feels good when you tick things off.

In terms of Christmas my lists include; who I need to buy presents for, Christmas baking list, last minute shopping lists (fresh food I’ll need), Christmas card list, cleaning to-do list, and my current shopping list! I also have been known to have a list of jobs for my dear husband to complete 😉

2. Not overbooking

Trust me I’m a shocker for running myself to the ground trying to attend every function I’m invited to. This year I want to do things differently. I have my calendar in view daily ( strategically placed in the kitchen) and I’m trying to only book one event per day, some have two but morning and evening. Its not only me who gets exhausted but the kids do too, and we all know what tired kids are like….

3. Start shopping early

This is the first year that I have started Christmas shopping before December. Let me say this though.. I LOVE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! There’s something about the carols playing in the shops, the people everywhere, the wrapping…But I know many people who loathe Christmas Shopping. My Mum can’t stand it so I usually do some for her! But the biggest tip here is don’t leave it all to the last minute. Get your list (yes!) and tick off a few each week. If you only have to go the shops for an hour at a time its definitely less stressful. And you get to tick things off your list!

4. Clean a little at a time

If you have guests staying this Christmas, or family coming for lunch if you’re anything like me you’ll be madly scrubbing from top to toe to make the place shine. I’m assuming though if you’re reading this that you have children and shining your house gets a little tricky! We have an office/study in our house that only we are allowed in! It’s like the junk room. Everything gets piled in there. But you know what? I don’t really care! No one else sees it.

In the weeks between now and Christmas clean a room at a time, or do a big job each week. That way when its the week of Christmas all you really need to do it a quick mop and bathroom shine and you’ll look like a regular Martha Stewart!

5. Breathe

Some people have holidays, others work right through. What ever your situation, stop and think about the meaning of Christmas. Whether you are religious or not, Christmas is still a beautiful time of the year. And for me it got even better since having children. Stop and enjoy it with them. Sings carols, dance around to “go Santa go” and eat all the delicious tree shaped cookies you can. Well that’s my plan anyway!!