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Last day of Preschool

End of preschool emotions! 

Emotions were running high today as my eldest finished Preschool! I was teary before I even got to the building. It’s such a big milestone in their lives isn’t it? I know we don’t remember much of our kindy year or even Junior Primary but as parents we witness the growth in our children. The confidence, self awareness, new skills, new friends, new adventures. Their brains are soaking up all they see and do and when they’re in the right environment they are like little sponges! The early years of education are so important and provide the groundwork for years to come. Not only in their learning but they really develop a sense of self and an identity. No tricks for time saving tonight, more of a reflection of time. It sure does go fast, they said it would but you don’t realise it until it’s actually upon you.