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The beginning..

Well here goes.. I’m in count down. I have 6 months until I return to work. I know .. some might say 6 months is a long time, others 6 months is not nearly enough! My youngest will be 1 when I return to the workforce.. I have 3 beautiful boys under the age of 5. Busy is an understatement! so the idea of returning to work is just a little daunting. So Im beginning my search for the answer.. with the hope that there is an answer. How to do it all?



As a mum to three young boys, life gets busy.. hectic even! As I draw nearer to returning back to the workforce again, I'm on the search for the solution.. How to do it all? The perfect answer to juggling working and kids, the time management, the stress, but at the same time loosing the guilt... This page is all about trying to Do It All!... and what to do when you can't!

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