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Kris Kringle

Christmas Pageant
Christmas Pageant

Its that time of the year again.. Now that the pageant has been and gone, the count down begins! This year we are doing things a little differently with the extended family and organising a Kris Kringle for the kids. Im still unsure how I feel about this.. However it sure does save time! And since that is what this blog is all about I thought I’d share!  I’m sure everyone has heard of this concept before however here’s the run down… Everyone draws a name out a hat and you only buy for that person. We set a price limit for everyone and Ta da your done!! I feel like it does take away from the ‘giving’ of Christmas a little though as my children can’t choose gifts for their close cousins but I can totally see the benefits of it too… What are your thoughts?



As a mum to three young boys, life gets busy.. hectic even! As I draw nearer to returning back to the workforce again, I'm on the search for the solution.. How to do it all? The perfect answer to juggling working and kids, the time management, the stress, but at the same time loosing the guilt... This page is all about trying to Do It All!... and what to do when you can't!

2 thoughts on “Kris Kringle

  1. We’ve been doing Kris Kringle with the adults for a number of years now and it has worked really well. We haven’t done it with the kids yet, but this year we are going from 3 grandchildren to 5 so it will be interesting to see how we go! Possibly Kris Kringle may be in our future but I have to say I love buying presents for all the kids and seeing them open them. I think I’d rather put a limit on the price of the gift, or make handmade gifts to give to all the kids, rather than Kris Kringle. But I am all for Kris Kringle for the adults!

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