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The Perfect Bath

Relaxing Bath Tips

Having a long, hot, bubbly bath is the holy grail of relaxation for many. Once the kids are all tucked up and quiet I try to have a long soak once in a while! I take a glass of Red and my book and enjoy the solace while it lasts!! I thought I’d investigate various ‘ingredients’ to add to a bath to enhance the relaxation.

Here’s what I found..

No big surprise here- Epsom salts help aid muscle relaxation. I use both the liquid and crystal ones.

Green Tea- Add 4-5 Green Tea bags to your bath to ale your skin soft. Green tea is recommended to help with anti aging.. so I say dunk away!!

Milk Bath- well it worked for Cleopatra right?! Simply add a cup full of milk powder to your bath and float away.The lactic acid in baths helps to soften your skin. It’s also soothing on sunburn!

Lemon Bath- I found this one to be quite interesting! Apparently of you squeeze lemons into your bath water ifmts helps to tighten and refresh skin. I knew it reduced pores so it makes sense! I think it would be super refreshing!

Sea Salt Bath– Using Sea salt not the iodised cooking salt this is great for detoxing your body. Found this great recipe for DIY detox scrub here.

Lavendar Bath- Sprinkle some lavender into your bath and boy it smells fabulous and helps with getting to sleep afterwards!!

So give one of these a try and let the bubbles melt you away! As a working Mum, or a Stay at Home Mum getting some valuable ‘me’ time is important. Try to schedule some time in this week. X




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