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New Years Traditions

New Years Eve as a parent is very different to New Years pre-kids! Luckily we have a long standing tradition with a close group of friends that is super kid friendly. This year marks our tenth year of the New Years party. Ten years ago ( at this one I met my husband!) the first party was a 70’s theme. Trashy brown dresses and hoop earring, lots of wines and laughs. Each year is a dress up theme, and these have ranged from Olympic sports, medical, Hawaiian, carton characters, kids movies and this year a pool party theme.

Over the years our party has gone from no kids to kids outnumbering adults. Glow sticks, sparklers and kid friendly food are the required items. The kids have a ball playing with their friends and the adults have a great catch up too. Such a special night and a tradition I hope continues for years to come!

Hawaiian dress up New Years 4 years ago!




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