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Using up your Christmas Ham.

Christmas Ham leftovers

Like many households this time of year we have our Christmas leg of Ham sitting in its calico bag in the fridge. Each year we have one and its delicious but there’s only so many ham sandwiches a girl can handle! So each year I try to get creative about what to do with all the ham. the pictue I horrid right? My ham looks like we’ve hacked it!!

Here’s some ideas incase you’re stuck!

  • Did you know you can freeze ham? It doesn’t quite have the same flavour but it can be used for cooing later if desired. Cut off pieces or cubes, put in a snap lock bag and freeze!
  • Egg and ham quiche- one of my favourites! makes for great breakfasts too, bake them in muffin trays for a quick go to snack.
  • Baked potatoes- ham, pinapple, cheese, corn, sour cream, sounds fabulous right?
  • Penne carbonara– just replace the pancetta with your Christmas Ham, even the kids love it!
  • PIzza- who doesn’t love ham on a pizza
  • Schnitzel Parmigiana- ham, tomato paste or pasta sauce, cheese on top of a schnitzel…mmmm..
  • Doorstops- these were a favourite in my house growing up- chunky bread piled with ham and cheese and grilled so the cheese melts down the sides.
  • Cob Loaf Dip- Ham, sour cream, Cream cheese, tin of corn kernals and a packet of Spring Vegetable Soup all mixed together over heat till the cream cheese melts, pour into a cob loaf. Pull off the chunks of bread and enjoy the dip!.. Actually I think I’ll make this for New Years!
  • And there’s always grilled ham and eggs for breakfast!


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