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Easiest party ever!

imageIt’s been a while between posts.. I wonder how often it the ideal ‘blog’?  It’s the age old question.. when the kids are napping do you get jobs done, do something you enjoy or just rest yourself? I’d love to know what others do.. It varies day to day here dependant on how many musketeers I have at home at the time! I’d love to sit with a cuppa and catch up on the girly TV everyday but it’s just not feasible! So I try to divide my time between the house, cooking, and chilling. You can’t beat a nice cup of tea to refresh the soul for the events of the afternoon.

This week has been taken over with birthdays! Mr Working Dad had his birthday and the eldest musketeer hits the big 5 on Monday. He’s chosen to have his party at Bounce Inc, a trampoline heaven. He’s determined to ‘jump on the walls!’ So we’ll see. However for busy people, it is the easiest party I have ever organised!! I love party planning, creating a theme, organising food, cake etc so this handing the controls to someone else is a whole new thing. But so ridiculously easy. You pay through the nose for it but with it comes the ease. We arrive, the kids jump, they eat, we go! Mr almost 5 has chosen a superhero theme this year so we tracked down the Batman Party bags and have them stocked ready to go.

Now I just need to organise the cake! I’ve cheated a little and bought a Mud Cake from the Cheesecake Shop, and I will decorate it and I’m making cupcakes. I bought these cute rice paper decorations off eBay, (who doesn’t love EBay??!) This is the store I got them from. Cakes Bits & gifts. Online shopping sure makes life easy doesn’t it?? What do we do before that? It makes it so easy to stick with a theme for a party, the fabulous new party stores at Big W are stocked with different themes complete with everything from temporary tattoos (which my boys Love!) to note books all matching the desired subject. Sure makes it easy and that’s what we are all about!!! Have a great Saturday .

Batman party bags from Big W! 




As a mum to three young boys, life gets busy.. hectic even! As I draw nearer to returning back to the workforce again, I'm on the search for the solution.. How to do it all? The perfect answer to juggling working and kids, the time management, the stress, but at the same time loosing the guilt... This page is all about trying to Do It All!... and what to do when you can't!

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