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The Two Headed Monster!

Tonight’s blog was motivated by my complete lack of energy. That feeling that creeps up sometimes and other times hits you like a bus! Defined as a state of extreme mental or physical fatigue (Oxford Dictionary) exhaustion hits everyone at some point or another.

I don’t know about you but when I get seriously tired.. not just ‘I’ve had a busy day tired’.. but exhausted, I turn into a two headed cranky borderline crazy person! So in the hopes of trying to prevent the monster to come out too often.. I wanted some tips for trying to beat exhaustion, or at least handle it!

Firstly some thing all us Mums, whether working or Stay at Home, we need to go easy on ourselves. A lot of Superwoman mums really aren’t doing as perfectly as they seem to be on the surface. Surely right??

For me, getting sunshine and fresh air makes the world of difference. In the 5 minutes you may get for lunch, try eating outside! Not only will it boost Vitamin D levels, (which is great for your mood) but fresh air always gives me a little perspective on things.

I know its a cliché but eating healthy really does do you wonders (soon we will be investigating healthy and FAST recipes!) I am a sucker for chocolate though!

Orange is the New Black, will wait! Go to bed early. Key advice I need to remind myself of constantly.  I always fall into the trap  of  I’ll just watch one more episode (I’m a little addicted right now) and before I know it its 11pm! Nothing beats the feeling of a good nights sleep. I still am getting up to the little one some nights but that extra hour or two I can get by going to bed by 8:30 rather than 10:30pm is bliss. I definitely don’t do it every night, or I may not ever see my husband, but man it sure does make a difference.

Then there’s drinking more water, exercise, start yoga, meditate, the list is endless!

I really think what we need to do is listen to our bodies. Slow down if you need to. Don’t take it out on your loved ones and be kind to yourself. And when you see the Two Headed Monster, give him a high 5 because you are doing a fabulous job.


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As a mum to three young boys, life gets busy.. hectic even! As I draw nearer to returning back to the workforce again, I'm on the search for the solution.. How to do it all? The perfect answer to juggling working and kids, the time management, the stress, but at the same time loosing the guilt... This page is all about trying to Do It All!... and what to do when you can't!

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