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Washing Time

imageWashing! It’s never ending.. Just when you think you’re on top.. It’s bath time and there’s 3 more dirty outfits! This article has some great tips on how to reduce our time washing. I’m not convinced I could try not folding some things but her organisation is fabulous! I too have the odd sock box in the laundry where all odds go to try find their friends! Take a look here and let us know what you think. What are your tips for saving time on the washing?




As a mum to three young boys, life gets busy.. hectic even! As I draw nearer to returning back to the workforce again, I'm on the search for the solution.. How to do it all? The perfect answer to juggling working and kids, the time management, the stress, but at the same time loosing the guilt... This page is all about trying to Do It All!... and what to do when you can't!

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