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2015 in review

I’m super excited to read this! It’s a slow and steady race.. The tortoise wins though right? The lovely people at word press sent me this recap of my first few months in the blogging world. Sad but true, I was so excited to read that my blog has been read in 27 countries!! Thank you everyone for your support so far, here’s to 2016!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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This onecalendarI can’t survive with out a calandar. I have to have one that has boxes for each day but is small enough for me to pin up the kitchen for everyone to see and hopefully contribute. I have been a bit slow to buy one this year and realised that I in huge risk of double booking myself unless I get one pronto! I decide that for the interim I will print my own but to my surprise many are not worthy of the printer ink. However I have printed this one. You can select which country a devein which state you are in. Many were American and so had American public holidays or no holidays listed. I having the public holidays shaded a different colour, it helps to plan things! Now it’s printed I just need to fill it in and hope that’s there’s no double bookings!

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Well as you all know my News Resoloution was about being brave, taking risks and being confident. Well 6 days in and it’s hard already! It’s hard to stay focused when you haven’t had more than a wink sleep in a few days due to a sick baby and you still have 2 more to run around after! We are doing vac swim this week with Mr nearly 5, and he’s loving it. I had to take mr 3 in the water today as there’s no way he’d sit quietly and watch his brother swim. I mean seriously how do you get boys to sit still? If there’s a magic solution id love to hear it!

Mr 5 is having a sleep over at his Nan’s tonight with his cousin, he was super excited however his younger brother was not down with this plan! There was screaming and thrashing and some strange tiger sounds!we ended taking him out for Sushi tonight.If haven’t done sushi with your children, do it! Super kid friendly. How can you beat food that comes past you on a “train” as soon as you walk in! Thankfully the boys have always loved sushi and the youngest musketeer had his first samples tonight too.

I read today about the high percentage of New Year resolutions t hats fail. I can totally relate, over the years I’ve had some crackers! Lose 15 kg, go overseas, get fit, eat no chocolate, no dessert the list goes on and it’s never really achievable. I just don’t have the willpower for no dessert! I’ve been thinking about this blog and what I hope to achieve this year. I have big dreams for it but will I succeed? I guess all I can do is try, better to have tried and failed than to have not tried and regret it. I’d love it to be a go to for fast recipes, organisational tips and some general daily survival! How to achieve this is the question? I’m reading lots of blogging sites and we now have an Instagram page! Come find me Here!

I’m also a huge lover of Pinterest. So many fabulous ideas in one spot! I have a Pinterest page too! Come follow! Hopefully you’ll find some interesting tips!

I’m about to try the home foot soak with mouthwash and vinegar.. Should be interesting! 🙂


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Using up your Christmas Ham.

Christmas Ham leftovers

Like many households this time of year we have our Christmas leg of Ham sitting in its calico bag in the fridge. Each year we have one and its delicious but there’s only so many ham sandwiches a girl can handle! So each year I try to get creative about what to do with all the ham. the pictue I horrid right? My ham looks like we’ve hacked it!!

Here’s some ideas incase you’re stuck!

  • Did you know you can freeze ham? It doesn’t quite have the same flavour but it can be used for cooing later if desired. Cut off pieces or cubes, put in a snap lock bag and freeze!
  • Egg and ham quiche- one of my favourites! makes for great breakfasts too, bake them in muffin trays for a quick go to snack.
  • Baked potatoes- ham, pinapple, cheese, corn, sour cream, sounds fabulous right?
  • Penne carbonara– just replace the pancetta with your Christmas Ham, even the kids love it!
  • PIzza- who doesn’t love ham on a pizza
  • Schnitzel Parmigiana- ham, tomato paste or pasta sauce, cheese on top of a schnitzel…mmmm..
  • Doorstops- these were a favourite in my house growing up- chunky bread piled with ham and cheese and grilled so the cheese melts down the sides.
  • Cob Loaf Dip- Ham, sour cream, Cream cheese, tin of corn kernals and a packet of Spring Vegetable Soup all mixed together over heat till the cream cheese melts, pour into a cob loaf. Pull off the chunks of bread and enjoy the dip!.. Actually I think I’ll make this for New Years!
  • And there’s always grilled ham and eggs for breakfast!
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Christmas Joy and a little cooking




Well Christmas is over for another year. It was sure busy here and the weather was hot. The littlest musketeer wasn’t too impressed with the heat and lots of people! The other two however, were all over it! So excited to see that the Reindeer ate the carrots and that Santa drank his milk. The meaning of Christmas sure changes when you have kids.

We took the boys to the Carols and they saw their first fireworks and they loved every minute of it! The joy on their faces was priceless. We have been inundated with Batman accessories of every kind.. and diggers and trucks! I’m feeling pretty exhausted now after 4 days of festivities, but we’ll do it all again for New Years Eve! Hopefully you had an enjoyable time with family and friends also.

Eating is always high on the agenda for Christmas and Boxing Day. I love making desserts I was even called the dessert Queen Boxing Day!

Christmas Eve I made a gorgeous dessert that I think everyone enjoyed. Its a Polish recipe that translates to Birds Milk. It looks so festive and I think it tastes delicious. The recipe was given to me by my Aunty.

Ptasie Mleczko

  1. Make 3 different coloured jellies, but only add one cup of water not 2 like you would to make regular jelly.

2. Once they are set firm cut the jellies into cubes ( about 1-2cm square) and arrange in a silicone dish (or a greased tray)

3. Place 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup caster sugar into a saucepan and bring to the boil to dissolve the sugar.

4. Dissolve 5 teaspoons of gelatine in 1/2 cup hot water, add the gelatin mixture to the sugar water and allow it to cool.

5. Add 500ml of sour cream (lite works too) and mix with beaters (I used Thermie of course to mix it Sp 5 with butterfly in). Beat until it looks foamy.

6. Pour the sour cream mixture over the jellies and mix carefully to disperse the cream throughout the jelly. Refrigerate until set.


A quick tip for a cheats dessert at the last minute… Woolworths ready made pavlova, top with cream, drain a tin of berries and arrange on top of cream.. Perfection!!









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New Years Traditions

New Years Eve as a parent is very different to New Years pre-kids! Luckily we have a long standing tradition with a close group of friends that is super kid friendly. This year marks our tenth year of the New Years party. Ten years ago ( at this one I met my husband!) the first party was a 70’s theme. Trashy brown dresses and hoop earring, lots of wines and laughs. Each year is a dress up theme, and these have ranged from Olympic sports, medical, Hawaiian, carton characters, kids movies and this year a pool party theme.

Over the years our party has gone from no kids to kids outnumbering adults. Glow sticks, sparklers and kid friendly food are the required items. The kids have a ball playing with their friends and the adults have a great catch up too. Such a special night and a tradition I hope continues for years to come!

Hawaiian dress up New Years 4 years ago!


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Last day of Preschool

End of preschool emotions! 

Emotions were running high today as my eldest finished Preschool! I was teary before I even got to the building. It’s such a big milestone in their lives isn’t it? I know we don’t remember much of our kindy year or even Junior Primary but as parents we witness the growth in our children. The confidence, self awareness, new skills, new friends, new adventures. Their brains are soaking up all they see and do and when they’re in the right environment they are like little sponges! The early years of education are so important and provide the groundwork for years to come. Not only in their learning but they really develop a sense of self and an identity. No tricks for time saving tonight, more of a reflection of time. It sure does go fast, they said it would but you don’t realise it until it’s actually upon you.

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We do what we can.

Sometimes you have to do what you can to get through the day. It’s a huge debate screen time vs no screen time.. And don’t get me wrong I won’t plonk my 8 month old in front of the TV, however if his older brothers are watching something he’s going to be exposured. I’m of the mindset that it’s not going to kill him! There’s seriously worse that could be happening. An interesting article in the Adelaide Advertiser. I love it! A mother has recorded herself reading a story and puts it on TV so she can get things done! Fabulous! I wish I had thought of it! For those 5 minutes you need to get dinner on in Witching hour, or you really need to ring the bank/plumber/or heavens for bid the hairdresser! Everything in moderation.. Like chocolate right! Well done Mummy!


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Is there ever the right time?


Timing is everything they say. But is there ever really the perfect time? In thinking about a different job, a new role, a change. There’ll always be school drop offs and pick ups, always be child care runs (until it becomes school runs!), there’ll always be washing to do.. even when I’m home full time, there’s always washing to do! When opportunity knocks, how do you know to take it? Is there ever the right time? I always figured as my kids get older it’ll get easier.. nope. It just changes. There’s school lunches, play dates, after school sport, reading, homework.. the list goes on. None of that is going to change. So, is timing really everything? The answer.. I don’t know!