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No longer a baby

Turning 5 (1)Remember that feeling of bringing your baby home for the first time. The pure happiness, the nerves, the joy, the excitement and apprehension? Five years on and its not forgotten, just remembered with happiness. Turning five feels like such a milestone. So independent; no nappies, no naps just negotiations and new adventures. The start of our schooling life, new friends, new skills. It’s a strange feeling to think that it feels like yesterday that we had this beautiful bundle and our lives changed forever, but it also feels like a lifetime ago. As parents we have learnt so much, things we’d do again and things we wouldn’t. It’s an exciting time, turning five, they really are little people now. They walk, talk, play independently (most of the time!), have their own hopes, dreams and visions. Some things are easier now they are five, going to dinner is no longer such a drama however, some things are harder, long walks with the baby in the pram with time for your own thoughts is non existent!


This is not a blog post about saving time or cooking a meal (although Mr 5 as requested Mexican Monday!) but purely a reflection on life as a parent. It sure has its ups and down, but I wouldn’t change it for the world, although I would love to reduce the brotherly arguments!. It is an emotional time for me having my eldest turn 5. We are so proud fo the person he has become so far. He is emotional, caring, funny, and clever. He is no longer a baby, however will always be my baby..

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Easiest party ever!

imageIt’s been a while between posts.. I wonder how often it the ideal ‘blog’?  It’s the age old question.. when the kids are napping do you get jobs done, do something you enjoy or just rest yourself? I’d love to know what others do.. It varies day to day here dependant on how many musketeers I have at home at the time! I’d love to sit with a cuppa and catch up on the girly TV everyday but it’s just not feasible! So I try to divide my time between the house, cooking, and chilling. You can’t beat a nice cup of tea to refresh the soul for the events of the afternoon.

This week has been taken over with birthdays! Mr Working Dad had his birthday and the eldest musketeer hits the big 5 on Monday. He’s chosen to have his party at Bounce Inc, a trampoline heaven. He’s determined to ‘jump on the walls!’ So we’ll see. However for busy people, it is the easiest party I have ever organised!! I love party planning, creating a theme, organising food, cake etc so this handing the controls to someone else is a whole new thing. But so ridiculously easy. You pay through the nose for it but with it comes the ease. We arrive, the kids jump, they eat, we go! Mr almost 5 has chosen a superhero theme this year so we tracked down the Batman Party bags and have them stocked ready to go.

Now I just need to organise the cake! I’ve cheated a little and bought a Mud Cake from the Cheesecake Shop, and I will decorate it and I’m making cupcakes. I bought these cute rice paper decorations off eBay, (who doesn’t love EBay??!) This is the store I got them from. Cakes Bits & gifts. Online shopping sure makes life easy doesn’t it?? What do we do before that? It makes it so easy to stick with a theme for a party, the fabulous new party stores at Big W are stocked with different themes complete with everything from temporary tattoos (which my boys Love!) to note books all matching the desired subject. Sure makes it easy and that’s what we are all about!!! Have a great Saturday .

Batman party bags from Big W! 


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Suds galore!

imageIt seems like it may never end. Once you’ve finished one lot, sure enough there’s more waiting. With the chaos that is three boys under the age of 5, washing is to say the least.. there! Always! Just before the littlest musketeer was born I got creative and made a roster for all the housework in our house. Mondays was general washing, Tuesday was kids clothes, Wednesday was business shirts etc.. I follow it sporadically but its hard to stay on track when different things pop up. Sick kids, visitors, holidays etc. Once I get behind in the piles of dirt covered, baby spew items it seems to take days to catch up. And not to mention the linen! A friend showed me this article, that blew my mind. It suggests washing your towels after 3 uses! Holy cow! So 5 people, every 3 days…In a week I’d be washing 15 towels. Not to mention hand towels, tea towels and the seemingly thousands of face washers we go through! Here I was thinking that once a week was satisfactory! Well there’s no way I’ll be fluffing towels every 3 days. Who’s got time for that??!!

Here’s what happened when Mr. 3 decided to help with washing yesterday! I couldn’t help but laugh, he was only trying to help.

My machine too full of suds to operate!


Really all I can say is ‘washing everyday keeps the piles at bay!” Laughing at myself at my poetry! But seriously, chuck a load in whenever you get a spare minute or two and hang it out.. whenever?! I’ll admit more often than not it could be a few hours before I hang a load out! While the weather is warm I’ve been doing heaps at night.. In Winter my house generally looks like a Laundry Room with clothes horses and airers spotted around the place. I used to stress if I had unfolded washing in baskets, recently I’ve come to realise that who cares! If I pull a T-shirt out of the basket and chuck it on.. at least its clean right? Gradually I’m overcoming my obsession for everything to perfect. If people judge me because I have clean washing unfolded, well.. they can go jump! or fold my washing!


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2015 in review

I’m super excited to read this! It’s a slow and steady race.. The tortoise wins though right? The lovely people at word press sent me this recap of my first few months in the blogging world. Sad but true, I was so excited to read that my blog has been read in 27 countries!! Thank you everyone for your support so far, here’s to 2016!!

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 8 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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This onecalendarI can’t survive with out a calandar. I have to have one that has boxes for each day but is small enough for me to pin up the kitchen for everyone to see and hopefully contribute. I have been a bit slow to buy one this year and realised that I in huge risk of double booking myself unless I get one pronto! I decide that for the interim I will print my own but to my surprise many are not worthy of the printer ink. However I have printed this one. You can select which country a devein which state you are in. Many were American and so had American public holidays or no holidays listed. I having the public holidays shaded a different colour, it helps to plan things! Now it’s printed I just need to fill it in and hope that’s there’s no double bookings!

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The Foot Soak

imageYesterday I posted that I was trying the home made foot soak, and a few readers (excited that I can write that!) commented they wanted to know how it went.

The Original Recipe

1/4 Cup Vinegar

1/4 Cup Mouthwash

1 cup warm water

Well I had to change the recipe a little as I didn’t have any regular vinegar. So here’s my adaptation..

My Version

1/2-1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2-1 cup Listerine (I used green one)

and enough warm/hot water to cover my feet.

At first when I added the Apple Cider Vinegar it smelt so strong I thought I’d smell of rotten apples for days, but after adding the Listerine ( I probably used closer to 1 cup) the mint took over.

Realistically any time I get to sit and stick my feet in a warm bath would be relaxing but this was great. I had my pink bucket, my comfy chair and my Ipad. I settled down for my 10 minutes… nearly an hour later I thought I’d better get my feet out or they may shrivel to nothing! I was quite surprised at how good my feet felt. It was a cheap, easy solution to a foot soak using only ingredients I already had. I gave my PedEgg a good workout afterwards while everything was soft and squishy (eww right?!). I seriously lay in bed afterwards and I really did notice my feet feeling tingly and refreshed. Probably due to the overdose of Listerine but it really did feel good! The advantage of Apple Cider Vinegar is its so fermented that it would kill any germs you had on your precious tootsies.

So give it a go! Refreshed and minty, albeit a bit appley, and ready for another day on your feet!

Continue reading “The Foot Soak”

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Well as you all know my News Resoloution was about being brave, taking risks and being confident. Well 6 days in and it’s hard already! It’s hard to stay focused when you haven’t had more than a wink sleep in a few days due to a sick baby and you still have 2 more to run around after! We are doing vac swim this week with Mr nearly 5, and he’s loving it. I had to take mr 3 in the water today as there’s no way he’d sit quietly and watch his brother swim. I mean seriously how do you get boys to sit still? If there’s a magic solution id love to hear it!

Mr 5 is having a sleep over at his Nan’s tonight with his cousin, he was super excited however his younger brother was not down with this plan! There was screaming and thrashing and some strange tiger sounds!we ended taking him out for Sushi tonight.If haven’t done sushi with your children, do it! Super kid friendly. How can you beat food that comes past you on a “train” as soon as you walk in! Thankfully the boys have always loved sushi and the youngest musketeer had his first samples tonight too.

I read today about the high percentage of New Year resolutions t hats fail. I can totally relate, over the years I’ve had some crackers! Lose 15 kg, go overseas, get fit, eat no chocolate, no dessert the list goes on and it’s never really achievable. I just don’t have the willpower for no dessert! I’ve been thinking about this blog and what I hope to achieve this year. I have big dreams for it but will I succeed? I guess all I can do is try, better to have tried and failed than to have not tried and regret it. I’d love it to be a go to for fast recipes, organisational tips and some general daily survival! How to achieve this is the question? I’m reading lots of blogging sites and we now have an Instagram page! Come find me Here!

I’m also a huge lover of Pinterest. So many fabulous ideas in one spot! I have a Pinterest page too! Come follow! Hopefully you’ll find some interesting tips!

I’m about to try the home foot soak with mouthwash and vinegar.. Should be interesting! 🙂


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Being Brave

BE BRAVERecently I blogged about ditching the guilt and standing strong. A friend had given me advice and her words still stand out..’be brave’. It got me to thinking. How does one be brave, what is bravery and why do I have to be brave? So many questions. The Oxford Dictionary defines Bravery as ‘courageous behaviour’. The first thing that comes to my mind is taking risks. As kids we take risks all the time, jumping off the swing, climbing to the top of the frame, reading a new book. As adults taking risks just seems so much more daunting. I am currently reading Lisa Messengers book;  Daring and Disruptive. It depicts how Lisa took chances, put herself out there and was brave. Some of her risks didn’t pan out, but others did, including the successful magazine The Collective. It’s inspiring reading about someone taking risks. If you haven’t read it- do it! What I’m taking from it though is without taking risks, being courageous and being brave, we don’t get the rewards.

My New Years resolution this year is to be brave. I feel it covers so many aspects. To try new things, to put myself out there, have confidence in my decisions and choices and not to worry about what others think. To buy that treadmill and take up running, to continue blogging and not care if no one reads it! It all takes bravery!

New Years resolutions are made and frequently given up on very quickly. I asked a few close friends if they were making resolutions. All were and they all had a common theme. No one said ‘lose weight, get fitter or go on a diet’ (thank goodness) but all had a common theme about life in general. About feeling confident in yourself and making choices that make you happy. Those are fabulous resolutions and likely to be achievable, way more than not eating chocolate (which I would have failed already!).

I took a big leap by starting this blog a couple of months ago and in 2016 I would love to keep this going. To find useful hints and tips for being organised, to try new fast recipes, to organise my pantry! and bravely share it with the world!

Be Brave, take chances, feel confident, be happy. That’s my hopes for 2016. x


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Using up your Christmas Ham.

Christmas Ham leftovers

Like many households this time of year we have our Christmas leg of Ham sitting in its calico bag in the fridge. Each year we have one and its delicious but there’s only so many ham sandwiches a girl can handle! So each year I try to get creative about what to do with all the ham. the pictue I horrid right? My ham looks like we’ve hacked it!!

Here’s some ideas incase you’re stuck!

  • Did you know you can freeze ham? It doesn’t quite have the same flavour but it can be used for cooing later if desired. Cut off pieces or cubes, put in a snap lock bag and freeze!
  • Egg and ham quiche- one of my favourites! makes for great breakfasts too, bake them in muffin trays for a quick go to snack.
  • Baked potatoes- ham, pinapple, cheese, corn, sour cream, sounds fabulous right?
  • Penne carbonara– just replace the pancetta with your Christmas Ham, even the kids love it!
  • PIzza- who doesn’t love ham on a pizza
  • Schnitzel Parmigiana- ham, tomato paste or pasta sauce, cheese on top of a schnitzel…mmmm..
  • Doorstops- these were a favourite in my house growing up- chunky bread piled with ham and cheese and grilled so the cheese melts down the sides.
  • Cob Loaf Dip- Ham, sour cream, Cream cheese, tin of corn kernals and a packet of Spring Vegetable Soup all mixed together over heat till the cream cheese melts, pour into a cob loaf. Pull off the chunks of bread and enjoy the dip!.. Actually I think I’ll make this for New Years!
  • And there’s always grilled ham and eggs for breakfast!
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Christmas Joy and a little cooking




Well Christmas is over for another year. It was sure busy here and the weather was hot. The littlest musketeer wasn’t too impressed with the heat and lots of people! The other two however, were all over it! So excited to see that the Reindeer ate the carrots and that Santa drank his milk. The meaning of Christmas sure changes when you have kids.

We took the boys to the Carols and they saw their first fireworks and they loved every minute of it! The joy on their faces was priceless. We have been inundated with Batman accessories of every kind.. and diggers and trucks! I’m feeling pretty exhausted now after 4 days of festivities, but we’ll do it all again for New Years Eve! Hopefully you had an enjoyable time with family and friends also.

Eating is always high on the agenda for Christmas and Boxing Day. I love making desserts I was even called the dessert Queen Boxing Day!

Christmas Eve I made a gorgeous dessert that I think everyone enjoyed. Its a Polish recipe that translates to Birds Milk. It looks so festive and I think it tastes delicious. The recipe was given to me by my Aunty.

Ptasie Mleczko

  1. Make 3 different coloured jellies, but only add one cup of water not 2 like you would to make regular jelly.

2. Once they are set firm cut the jellies into cubes ( about 1-2cm square) and arrange in a silicone dish (or a greased tray)

3. Place 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup caster sugar into a saucepan and bring to the boil to dissolve the sugar.

4. Dissolve 5 teaspoons of gelatine in 1/2 cup hot water, add the gelatin mixture to the sugar water and allow it to cool.

5. Add 500ml of sour cream (lite works too) and mix with beaters (I used Thermie of course to mix it Sp 5 with butterfly in). Beat until it looks foamy.

6. Pour the sour cream mixture over the jellies and mix carefully to disperse the cream throughout the jelly. Refrigerate until set.


A quick tip for a cheats dessert at the last minute… Woolworths ready made pavlova, top with cream, drain a tin of berries and arrange on top of cream.. Perfection!!